Ruth Jolly


Scottsdale, AZ


Ruth Jolly is an Arizona native an international and national selling nature and wildlife photographer.
Her photos are featured across the internet as well as in numerous magazines such as American Waterfowler Magazine , Arizona Highways Magazine, Arizona Cactus and Succulent societies Central Spine newsletter, entries forArizona Game and fish Wildlife Calendars 2013-2016.Boyce Thompson Arboretum newsletter.

2014 brought the prestigious award of Best of Show Cover shot from entries for the Arizona game and Fish Wildlife Calendar "Me and My Peep" is featured in the awards/publications category.This photo has also been featured on the National Audubon Society's and Audubon Magazine's Facebook page.

Of the over 5000+ entries into the 2014 Arizona Highways photo contest of which 30 finalists were chosen across three categories, Landscape, Wildlife and Macro, Ruth accomplished a finalist in the macro category with "Peace in the leaves"

2015 Arizona Highways photo contest garnered a finalist in the macro category with " Queen in morning light"

Ruth's photos are frequently 'shared' on such social media sites such as Facebook, where she maintains a personal as well as photography page, Ruth Jolly Photography. She also serves as the group administrator for a popular, Facebook insect group, "Bugs and stuff of the southwest ."

2015 and 2016 brought accolades from Arizona Game and fish as well with honorable mentions and winning photos.

My photography has always been about sharing the beauty that I see and finding beauty in the everyday things, Common birds, plants and landscapes that seem to come alive and inspire others to look a bit deeper at the amazing world around us. Please, enjoy my gallery.

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Tongue out Costa's by Ruth Jolly


Tucson glory by Ruth Jolly


Pair of Deers by Ruth Jolly


Pronghorns we are by Ruth Jolly


Serendipitous duet in the soccoro skies by Ruth Jolly


sandhill with the glow of sunrise by Ruth Jolly


proud peacock by Ruth Jolly


Deer in the meadow by Ruth Jolly


Traffic jam , Bosque style by Ruth Jolly


Duck on orange by Ruth Jolly


contemplative orangutan by Ruth Jolly


Coyote in the cornfield by Ruth Jolly


Sparrow in the bushes by Ruth Jolly


Caribbean Flamingo by Ruth Jolly


Pronghorn prances by Ruth Jolly


Mountain lion prowl by Ruth Jolly


Juvenile Sandhill Crane by Ruth Jolly


Sandhill blast off by Ruth Jolly


Snow Goose descent by Ruth Jolly


Crane on a clear day by Ruth Jolly


Blast off in the Socorro Skies by Ruth Jolly


Sulfur as bright as the Sun by Ruth Jolly


Marine blue close up by Ruth Jolly


Egret dip by Ruth Jolly


Jackrabbit in the environment by Ruth Jolly


Goldfinch and sunflowers by Ruth Jolly


Tern with fish by Ruth Jolly


Intrigued by a Lemur by Ruth Jolly


purple roses by Ruth Jolly


Variegated meadowhawk on yellow by Ruth Jolly


Sheep on the move by Ruth Jolly


Lily in the garden by Ruth Jolly


Sips with a Swallowtail by Ruth Jolly


Broad tailed wing display by Ruth Jolly


Feathers fluffed up Egret by Ruth Jolly


Longwing on pink by Ruth Jolly


Lizard on a rock by Ruth Jolly


Tern showing off by Ruth Jolly


two times Antimatter by Ruth Jolly


Smiling dragon by Ruth Jolly


Crouched plover by Ruth Jolly


Portrait of jackie by Ruth Jolly


Duet of coneflowers by Ruth Jolly


Single, special, solitary rose by Ruth Jolly


Ceraunus blue perched on purple flower by Ruth Jolly


Stilt on a clear day by Ruth Jolly


peachy rose by Ruth Jolly


Cereus in the summer by Ruth Jolly